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On November the 1st, the Verbum Dei Missionary Family of Madeira celebrated the 30th anniversary since their foundation.  We began the afternoon of celebration with a formative moment given by our President, the missionary Rodri Carrizo who was visiting our community.  He spoke

about the reality of the Verbum Dei Family in the world, the fruits of the last FaMVD Symposium and the importance of the identity of the Verbum Dei missionary disciples.

Later we celebrated the Eucharist, organised by the Verbum Dei Family, presided over by Rodri and concelebrated by priest friends.  Rodri, commenting on the Gospel of the four men who lowered the paralyzed man to meet Jesus, encouraged us to be like them. To be a creative community that firmly believes in what an encounter with Jesus can provoke in others.

In addition to the Verbum Dei Family, people who had participated in our charism at some point in these 30 years and who were gratefull and felt part of this history, were also present.  We give thanks for the road traveled and with enthusiasm we embark on a new journey ahead, full of dreams.


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