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With great joy and gratitude we share with you the testimony of Monika Tjhin Punan (a female missionary) and Marta Lía Zapata y Luis Carlos Galeanoa (missionary married couple) who have sealed their consecration in a definitive way as members of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity, each one from their own state of life.

On October 14, Monika Tjhin Punan, a missionary from Singapore, made her perpetual profession of vows as a member of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity.  For her it has been a very meaningful celebration because besides being able to live it in her native land, she was accompanied by her family, friends and members of the VDMFa and the VDMF of Singapore, the community that welcomed her and introduced her to the Verbum Dei charism.

She tells us about the experience of preparing for that day and her experience during the celebration:

My preparation experience was very valuable because it made me remember the road I have traveled, which is summarized in a short video about the history of my vocation to be able to share it with everyone. Recalling my journey, I feel a deep gratitude to God both for his call, the charism, the Verbum Dei community and also for the different moments of joy and challenge in these years where the faithful promise of Jesus resounded again and again, through his word in Mark 14:3-4 that nothing is in vain in a life given to God. Therefore, this passage was the theme of my perpetual vows, a theme that I hope will be present in all my missionary life, supported by the fidelity of God’s love, so I can be faithful to the end. Finally, on this joyous occasion, I want to thank all of you who support Verbum Dei in one way or another. Count on my prayers for you as I humbly ask you to remember me in yours. https://verbumdeisingapore.org/blogs/sr-monikas-perpetual-vows/   

In February this year, Monika Tjhin Punan completed her theological formation at the Verbum Dei Missionary Formation Centre, Loeches, Madrid, and is currently on mission in the Singapore community.

Marta Lía Zapata and Luis Carlos Galeano, a missionary married couple from Colombia, made the profession of their definitive bonds on October 7. They themselves share with us their experience:

It was surprising to feel that fraternal embrace, sincere and full of love on the part of the members of the Fraternity (our older brother and sisters). To see radiant faces, tearful eyes, and frank smiles welcoming our poor humanity, in a sign of the presence of God, as well as a great encouragement to continue saying: «Yes, we will do what God tells us to do». It was to find in each embrace the love of God poured out, telling us: «You are mine and I make things new».

With the theme «Do whatever he tells you» (Jn 2:5); we feel present to our Mother the Virgin and to Jesus who let us taste the joy of the best wine, that of a definitive yes to God and to the marvelous mission that he gives us in the Verbum De. This gives us strength to continue our journey and to know that we must incarnate Christ in our lives and accompany this incarnation in our brothers and sisters so that the Kingdom may continue to be present among us..

We were witnesses in this celebration of God’s miracle, the miracle of consecration, as the homily echoed: «The consecration of persons is the most evident miracle that God wants to present to the world. It is the most eloquent sign of his presence and power».

Grateful for the God who continues to call and perform miracles, our hearts were filled with hope because God continues to manifest Himself. How will we repay you for all the good you have done for us, Lord!

We did not miss the simple agape, in which, seated as brothers and sisters, we celebrated the wedding, the covenant in which we foreshadowed the eternal wine of joy for the missionary communion with Him and each other.

We are deeply grateful for the lives of Monika, Marta Lía and Luis Carlos, and all those who generously continue to respond to God’s call to collaborate with him in this precious project to bring his Good News and make it known to many more people.

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