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Loeches, Madrid. – On Thursday, October 12, 2023, the Verbum Dei Theological Institute «San Pablo  Apóstol» celebrated with joy and missionary spirit the 4th Day of Reflection, an academic event that brought together more than 50 participants, including students and professors, to explore the central theme of «Social Peace» having as its theme the phrase of St. Francis of Assisi «Make us instruments of your peace».

The event took place on the premises of the Verbum Dei Theological Institute «San Pablo  Apóstol», located in Loeches, Madrid, and was notable for its focus on the importance of peace from the perspective of the Church’s social doctrine.

The central talk, entitled «Peace in the Social Doctrine of the Church» was given by missionaries, Aarón Rodríguez and Maria del Rayo Cordero, 4th year theology students of the same institution. The presentation provided a profound reflection on the importance of peace not only in these troubled times but also in the context of the fundamental principles of the Church’s social doctrine.

In addition to the keynote address, the day included interactive workshops that addressed the theme from a variety of perspectives. These workshops explored the relationship between social peace and the media, ecology, culture and economy in contemporary society.

The active participation of the participants in the workshops allowed for an enriching exchange of ideas and experiences, thus contributing to a more complete and contextualized understanding of the main topic.

Our Theologate is proud to have provided another space for reflection and constructive dialogue for the academic community. This 4th edition reaffirmed the Institution’s commitment to the promotion of fundamental values and the fostering of an environment conducive to critical reflection based on the Verbum Dei spirituality and, of course, on the Catholic faith.

Here are some photos of the most significant moments of the event.

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