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Everything that begins must end, and so it happened one more year with the 2021-2022 academic cycle of the Instituto Teológico Verbum Dei, San Pablo Apóstol (ITVD).

Last Friday, June 10, in our Missionary Center, a Eucharist was celebrated to solemnly close the school year 2021-2022. The celebration was presided over by the vice-director of the ITVD, missionary-priest, Juan Martinez, who in his homily exhorted the student community gathered there to «bring to the altar all that has been learned in these two semesters so that God may make it bear fruit». He also mentioned that «the altar of the Holy Sacrifice should remind us that our desks and study places are also, metaphorically speaking, altars from where we consecrate ourselves to this vocation to which God has called us».

In addition, at the beginning of the Mass, the coordinator of the Philosophy department, Yolanda Rodriguez, gave an emotional message and invited us to «thank God at all times for all that we have received and experienced during another year», and she also emphasized how provident the Lord is with our Fraternity «by allowing us to have our own educational center, affiliated to such an important institution like the Pontifical Urban University ».

At the end of the joyful and endearing celebration, the students presented simple gifts to the professors as a gesture of gratitude for their dedication in this hidden but significant work of academically forming future generations of Verbum Dei missionaries.

A few days later, but in this same conclusive framework of studies, the presentation and defense of the final works of philosophy of the missionaries who finish the philosophical biennium took place. That is, the presentation of monographic researches in which, starting from philosophical assumptions, they deepen in themes of current relevance and defend them in front of a panel of professors of the same Institution. This event, besides being the final work of the biennium, fosters among the student community the desire for research and an open mind capable of reflecting and dialogue, from Christian bases, with today’s world.

We invite you to get to know our Theological Institute and be part of this great mission of forming and training men and women from all over the world who have given their lives to God to proclaim the Gospel.

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