Young missionaries evangelise other youth

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In these times of pandemic, a group of missionary students from the Verbum Dei Theological Institute took the initiative to evangelise, through social networks, the youth of the “sixth continent” (the digital continent).

The project was initiated by Ronald, a Cameroonian missionary and 2nd year Theology student. Everything began some months ago with the dream of being able to bring the Word of God to young people who don’t have faith.

So, these young missionaries, through our YouTube channel, explain the Sunday Gospel, in a video of 3 to 4 minutes, in a simple and pedagogical form for the youth. In addition, now the videos are recorded in English and French by missionaries from different parts of the world, so that they reach even further. It is a beautiful project, trying to make God more accessible on the different social networks.

We hope that it will bear much fruit in their hearts!

And don’t forget to share it with the young people that you know!!!

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