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Shiomara has finished her theological studies in the Verbum Dei Theological Institute and made her perpetual vows on the 20th of March and will be assigned in Puente Piedra (Peru), to work with the most disadvantaged and the bring them the Word of God. She shares with us…

A special greeting to all the collaborators of CREA VD! I am Jasmith Shiomara Zapata, a Colombian missionary; I have completed my theological formation in Loeches thanks to your support, be it economic, prayer, presence, testimony etc.

During my stay in Loeches I had the opportunity to form part of the CRE VD team and work for a number of years in one of its areas, especially in the database of contacts.

It has been a very valuable experience, working as part of a team, being conscious of being part of a universal VD family, a family that extends to the 5 continents and making our own the needs of our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. I also was able to taste the richness of our charism and the desire that the Word of God might reach more and more people that have a thirst for the Good News.

Working in CREA VD made me approach my work each time with a greater delicacy, in prayer, giving thanks to God for each person who with their effort, love and generosity made a donation to the projects launched by CREA VD.

God was awakening in me the call to pray for each collaborator, to beg for their family, for their needs, for their struggles, their joys and sadness. Many of the collaborators don’t know me, or I don’t know them, but I find their names on a screen (through my work with our database); I don’t see letters or numbers but persons, families, lives sacred for God. To pray for each one of them is a way of exercising my charism of prayer and ministry of the Word.

I thank God for each name que has been written in my heart, for forging my heart in such a special way to make it more universal and missionary.

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