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Five Mexican missionary married couples, consecrate themselves to God as Verbum Dei Missionary Married Couples.

In the midst of these moments where at the global level we have had to live through during this pandemic, where many homes, cities and countries are covered by the shadows of sadness and loss, the despair of the experience of loneliness and discouragement is made present and visible in the face of the impotence of not being able to change circumstances we face quickly, there is an urgent call to hope, a cry from the depth of the human heart as we sang many times in the past: If only someone would stand up! If only someone put himself/herself forward!

And this cry has been heard, as the cry of the Hebrew people heard from Egypt and found a response: “I have indeed seen the oppression of my people, their cry has reached me…” God has stood up, and continues seeking workers for his harvest, those who want to be sowers and at the same time they are grains to be sown in order to bear fruit, to give witness to his Love…

This is how we gather the experience of having been witnesses to the call that God made in the 21st Century to five Mexican married couples, who from among the people have been attracted like Moses to the burning bush that is not burnt up. These married couples, on tasting in their lives the fire of Love that never ends, have heard the question, “Whom shall I send, who will go on our behalf?” and have responded with the clarity of the prophet: “Here I am, Lord, you have called me.”

With the certainty that their response is a response to a call on the part of God, but at the same time with the perspective that to live the Gospel is a marvellous adventure in which the next step is only known when the previous one has been taken; it is from the daily prayer that these married couples have been discovering where He who called them wants to bring them. In listening to his voice in this time of discipleship was when they recognised that their place in the Church is the Verbum Dei Charism and mission, which leads them to centre their lives on him during the time of discernment to find their place in the Verbum Dei Missionary Family, and finally learning to remain in the experience of his love: in the Formation Course, to confirm that they are called to consecrate their marriage as Verbum Dei Missionary Married Couples, for the world.

We are families that place the Word of God at the centre of our life, around which we are building a new story, characterised by the integration of everything that our matrimonial reality implies, such as the conjugal communion, the integral education of our children, the career aspect, with our desire to continue the mission of Jesus to make all men and women his disciples.”

Therefore, we celebrate with pleasure and deep gratitude that these five married couples: Vicente and Patricia along with Jorge and Nydia on April 10 in Querétaro, Javier and Lucy on April 11 in Puebla, as well as Sergio and Patricia with Alan and Elena on April 18 in Guadalajara, have consecrated themselves to God, in a truly paschal and festive environment, making their first sacred bonds, in the Eucharist, as a particular celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord.

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