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Hello, we are Gaby and Elpidio, a missionary married couple from Mexico. At this moment, we are about to return to Mexico after three years of studying at the Verbum Dei Institute «San Pablo Apóstol» here in Loeches, Madrid, and we want to share what this experience has been like.

For us, it has been a very enriching experience, especially because of the desire we had to study and prepare ourselves to be able to adequately form those whom God entrusts to us in the place where we are sent. We had many expectations and we have really found much more than we expected.

The professors have helped us a lot; they have understood and explained everything with great clarity and patience. We have had a pleasant ecclesial experience to be able to share with male and female missionaries, and missionary married couples from different parts of the world. Thanks to this, our minds and hearts have been opened to know and welcome people from other cultures and to learn to live together and share life and mission.

One of the most enriching experiences has been in the classrooms because sharing with people from different places, cultures, and languages, all studying theology and philosophy, we have had the opportunity to know the world through each one of them. We have learned to be brothers and sisters, to try to live in communion.

All the experience that we now take with us is to share it with other couples and all the Verbum Dei Missionary Family, because it is for them that we have prepared ourselves. That is why we leave very grateful and satisfied with all that we carry as a seed because we know that it will bear much fruit wherever we go.

We have enjoyed studying philosophy and theology because it has led us to ask ourselves deeper and more authentic questions, which we can also ask young people and adults. Questions such as the why of marriage or why believe in God and approach him. We have learned that faith is also accompanied by reason, we have learned to be critical and to consolidate our faith. Now, we are returning to Mexico, and we want to share all that we have received also with the people who have trusted us.

This whole experience would not have been possible without the support we have received. The first person we want to thank is God, but we know that behind this project, there is each one of you who, with your prayers and collaboration, is part of our formation and mission. Thank you for trusting us and God bless your generosity.

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