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Hello Everyone, my name is Steve and I am a Verbum Dei Missionary from Sydney, Australia.

This testimony is about my time as a missionary in formation in the Verbum Dei Missionary Centre Loeches, Spain. My five years there were a wonderful experience for me of missionary life. Before arriving in Spain, I had been in the Philippines and since leaving I have been back in Australia, living the mission in Sydney.

My time in Loeches was one of great growth, characterised by the opportunity to deepen in my love for God through my studies. I studied both philosophy and theology there. It was a time to focus on studying and ensuring that I not only understood theology well but also was able to explain it to others.

Other aspects of growth were the need to learn a new language and to live with missionaries from all over the world. We were quite a diverse group, with many brothers from Latin America and Africa, a couple from Asia and only two of us from Australia. Most of our professors and the people that we came into contact with were from Europe, mainly Spain and also other places. It was a wonderful experience of ecclesiality, I really enjoyed living close by in the same centre to members of the other branches, our missionary sisters, and the married couple missionaries, we studied altogether in the Theological Institute of Verbum Dei, «San Pablo Apóstol», worked together in the retreat centre and apostolate in Madrid.

In moments it was also a challenging time, having to study in another language and limit the amount of apostolate I was involved in. Being in the centre was also a desert experience where I learnt to rely more on God.

The experience has prepared me for the apostolate here in Sydney. Since my studies I have been ordained a priest, so I am now administering the sacraments and based in a parish here in Ryde, Sydney with other Verbum Dei brothers. Most of my apostolate is with the youth, running youth groups, training the young leaders, etc. I feel that I put into practice each day a lot of the theology that I received in Loeches, as well as continuing to use my Spanish.

Last year, it was a great joy for me to be able to take a group of young people from Sydney to World Youth Day, we took advantage of the trip to stay a few days in Loeches so that they could experience the Verbum Dei charism in a different way.

To conclude, I would say that my time in Loeches was a great experience. Living with people from different cultures and countries, working with such a variety of people, helped me a lot, and prepared me for the experience here in the parish environment and Verbum Dei apostolate. Thank you for all your support and prayers, God bless you.

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