Handicrafts made by the students of Loeches

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Evangelising through art! The male and female missionaries that study in Loeches try to share our charism and spirituality through art. So in the middle of the studies and missionary activities they also set aside a space, usually on Saturday mornings, where they work making handicrafts that are later sold during the different activities we have either through personal contacts or by word of mouth, in little set-up stalls in the parishes around and also in our online store: https://crea.verbumdei.org/tienda/

What is on sale? From small clay sculptures to personalised notebooks in which you can write down your personal prayer with the Word of God – there is a whole range of handcrafted products.

In the following photos, we present to you the artists in their day of work, showing us how they are making their products, in an environment of communitarian joy that is born from the presence of God, and the desire to share the Gospel to as many people as possible…

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