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The celebration of «All Saints and All Souls» was an opportunity for the members of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity of Loeches to bring the Word of God to the people and to awaken in them an experience of faith.

The celebration of «All Saints»

Last October 31, the Diocese of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid celebrated an event called «Holywins». It is a play on words that means «holiness wins». The phonetic similarity with the word «Halloween» is not accidental, because Holywins is intended to help reinforce the Christian feast of All Saints, in the face of the increasing eclipse it is suffering due to the powerful implementation of the highly secular Halloween.

Eight members of the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity (female and male missionaries, and missionary married couples) participated in this event that consisted in going out to the streets and inviting people to spend a brief moment of prayer and adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the Cathedral. At the same time, the Word of God and some holy cards were shared with them.

The streets were full of people dressing up for the typical Halloween celebration: vampires, witches and ghostly faces. Some were reluctant and even asked if they could enter the church dressed like that, and others simply accepted the invitation. It was truly amazing to witness how the Word of God touched the hearts of the people who read it and to see how they simply needed to hear at that moment: «Do not be afraid, I am with you».

For the missionaries who participated in this activity, there remained the certainty that the Word of God has already been planted in these hearts through this simple experience. Behind the search for fun, hides a heart that seeks peace, under the layer of make-up hides a person waiting to experience love. The mission experience in Alcalá de Henares shows how much the world longs for words of comfort and joy, the longing to meet Jesus in the silence of their hearts.

The celebration of «All Souls»

On November 1st, a group of young people from different apostolates in Madrid, celebrated at the Missionary Verbum Dei Center of Loeches, the commemoration of the faithful departed in the Mexican style, better known in Mexico as the «Day of the Dead».

We had the opportunity to learn about the pre-Hispanic roots and all the Christian meaning that, over time, this important and widespread celebration in Mexico and beyond its borders.

An «altar of the dead» was made to remember deceased relatives and friends. For this, the traditional «papel picado» and paper flowers were made to represent the «cempasúchil» flower, as well as other important elements that are traditionally used in the altars of the dead.

Afterwards, there was a moment of prayer to remember the earthly history of the faithful departed, to pray for them and to give thanks for their lives.

Finally, a procession was held from the chapel to the altar to place the photos of the deceased who were remembered, and thus, to have a festive moment with them.

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