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The third students’ day of reflection that took place in the Verbum Dei Institute of Theology “San Pablo Apóstol” in Loeches, Madrid was about the Encyclical letter of Pope Francis Fratelli Tutti. It began with some guidelines for prayer, preached by Cesar Valencia, a missionary married couple with definitive bonds and a student of the last year of Theology. He invited us to pray on Lk 10, from verses 21 and onwards: God who reveals Himself to the little ones, and the question of the lawyer to Jesus, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?”, to contemplate Jesus’ answer with the parable of the Good Samaritan, which reveals a compassion that goes beyond mere pity.

After the moment of prayer and the fraternal sharing during breakfast, the day went on with a conference, given by António Abecasis and Terencine Notchum, both Verbum Dei missionaries and students of the Institute. António, who is in the second year of philosophy, focused his presentation of the encyclical Fratelli Tutti from a philosophical perspective: Anthropology, Ethics and Politics. While Terencine, who is in the fifth year of theology, presented the encyclical from a theological perspective. Her reflection, “The Holy Trinity as a fountain of communitarian life, the way towards a new Humanity” was based on the Trinitarian movements: Perijóresis, synergy and kenosis. The conference ended with a small round of interventions, in which the participants expressed their comments and questions about the encyclical. Both the presentation and the guidelines had an objective: to set an ideal, we are all brothers and sisters.

In the afternoon, we reflected on the “how”, or the means to reach this ideal, through workshops.

If you missed the students’ day of reflection, here’s the link to the recordings, so that you can see the activities we’ve done.

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