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The Verbum Dei Missionary Centre in Loeches, Spain welcomes missionaries and missionary couples from different parts of the world who are in the philosophical-theological and apostolic formation stage. During this stage, the members of the Fraternity who reside here are formed at different levels (human, theological and apostolic), a formation that prepares them to be sent to different parts of the world to live the mission full time and contribute to the evangelising mission of the Church through the Verbum Dei charism.

Over the years, different generations of missionaries, couples and missionaries have passed through this Missionary Centre and are now giving their lives generously in the five continents. Their testimonies of life and mission are an inspiration for those who are beginning their missionary formation and a thanksgiving for those who receive so much good through their missionary availability.

This month we present three testimonies from the continent of America: Violeta del Aguila (Guatemala), Fernando Robles (Mexico) and Alejandra and Julio (Mexico).

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