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During the month of May, the first international missionary webinar (online encounter of the Verbum Dei Missionary Family) was held on the 28th, 29th and 30th.

This event was marked by the impulse of the Holy Spirit, especially since it was held after the recent celebration of the Feast of Pentecost. It was a way to unite members of Verbum Dei from the five continents and together we highlighted the different ways of sharing the charism throughout the whole world.

Each day had its own special detail, addressing different themes: the first day was about missionary intentionality. When we aim to expand we have to take into account the end we have in mind. As Jaime our founder once said, “The first in intention is the last in execution.”

During the second day, we had the chance to gather young people from all over the world with the theme: “Youth who evangelise other youth”. We took as a starting point the youthful spirit that characterises us as a charism and that goes beyond working only “with young people.” In fact, Jaime Bonet (our founder) discovered his vocation at 14 years of age. When he began to unfold his missionary vocation as a priest, he gathered together the first female missionaries, who were also young people. They in their turn desired to transmit this experience to their contemporaries, meaning that our mission has to seek not only to reach youth but also to provide spaces so that they can in their turn live a continuous mission in their different environments.

Finally, on the Sunday, we deepened on the idea of evangelising communities. In the measure that the Verbum Dei mission is lived, it leaves behind it the seed of new communities that welcome and live the charism, desiring that these will also share the fire of missionary passion that continually seeks to reach many more people.

The missionary webinar proved to be effective in transmitting faith, for two main reason: because each day there was active participation from disciples of the community, lay people and members of the Fraternity from different parts of the world and because there was a taste of communion amongst the internationality. These are some of the biggest fruits that were left behind in us.

At the same time, from the questions that were raised by the participants, it was highlighted how in the middle of the difficulties and uncertainty the Holy Spirit keeps opening up new paths for each and every one of us as members of Verbum Dei. All we have to do is respond with fidelity to the call that God makes to us.


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