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As every year, we celebrate with joy the arrival of new members of the Fraternity who join the student community in Loeches to begin or continue their academic formation.

Yes, just as you read it, some come from the Formation Course (Novitiate) in their respective countries to begin their studies in Philosophy, but others return to this Center after some apostolic-pastoral time to continue their studies in Theology.

On this occasion, we are very happy to share with you that we will receive five female missionaries, they are: Yolanda and Veronica (Colombia), Monica (Mexico), Christiana (Nigeria), and Priscilla (Singapore). In addition, Rayito and Barania, missionaries from Mexico and Peru, are returning, who after a few years of mission in Taiwan, Mexico and Peru, are reintegrating to the academic formation.

On the part of the male missionaries, there are six brothers who will be joining the student community. To begin their studies in the ITVD, from Mexico: José Alfonso and Luis Enrique, Agustín from Nigeria and Simeón from Cameroon. And to continue with their academic formation, Christian (Congo) and Hugo Aldape (Mexico), both of them were on mission in Puebla, Mexico.

But our joy brims over when we tell you that this year God blesses us with the arrival of two missionary married couples, who will also join us in the theological formation. This is an event that does not happen every year, and therefore, this occasion is very special. We are referring to Benito and Ligia from Guatemala, who, like Orlando and Inés from Colombia, join with their children in the formative rhythm of this missionary center.

For our founder, Jaime Bonet, academic preparation was always very important when it came to proclaiming the Word, so he took special care that the members of the three branches that make up the Fraternity had the same philosophical-theological preparation, since the task of teaching the Good News is born of the living encounter with the Risen Lord but requires a correct pedagogy that helps to bring it to men and women of every race, language, people and nation, and for this, we must not spare time for preparation and integral formation.

Thanks to all of you for praying to the Lord of the harvest to send workers, thanks also for your collaboration which is never long in coming, but above all thanks to God for calling us to be with Him and sending us to preach.

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