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We would like to personally thank you for your contribution and support to this vital project of Verbum Dei.

Thank you, because with your help, and with the support of many, this great task undertaken by the Verbum Dei Foundational Heritage team will be possible, as it encourages us to go to the origins and to remember our salvific history, to become aware of our identity in order to live the present with more wisdom and horizon and with more projection and fruitfulness in the future.

Through our founder, Fr. Jaime Bonet (1926-2017), the Holy Spirit has embellished the Church with the Verbum Dei charism and has entrusted us with a mission of great transcendence, intended to transmit the Life and Love of God through evangelization and our centrality in the Word of God. Through small gestures, we are making great miracles possible in the hearts of people.

Our historical memory will also be a contribution for the Church and for many communities that are emerging, because it is a help to become aware of the path of the Verbum Dei as a New Form of Consecrated Life and the specific contribution of the VD in the history of consecrated life.

We will pray for your needs, and wish with all our hearts, that this gift of God’s charism will also benefit your life and the lives of those closest to you.

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