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The Online Catholic Encounter gathers more than 200 youth from all over the American continent. 240 young people representing 12 countries gathered together on Saturday March 6 at 11pm GMT, to participate in the third Verbum Dei Youth Encounter.  The theme for this edition was: “JESUS, OUR HORIZON OF LIFE, infected with love”.

The objective of the event was to share the experience of the love of God in the middle of the current difficult situation that humanity is passing through. There were moments of songs, games, prayer in silence and reflection. One example of prayer and reflection was to have virtual rooms where the youth themselves were sharing their testimony of life, helping their listeners to broaden their perspective of faith.

Another moment in the encounter that lasted for almost 3 hours was the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, which was preceded by guidelines of prayer (a reflection centred in the Word of God), under the responsibility of a young girl who is a disciple in the community of Venezuela, who invited the participants to have a time of recollection and intimate dialogue with the persons of the Trinity.

There is no doubt that when the faith is lived there are no barriers or problems that prevent it and this was clearly demonstrated in this joyful and happy encounter in which that participants lived with enthusiasm their identity as “prophet and replacement of Christ.”

It is true that, in these times of pandemic, technology is playing a very important role, to the degree of being a means through which these types of missionary-evangelising encounters are possible, and with faith we are also able to affirm that “Everything happens for the good of those who love that Lord.”

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