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The Verbum Dei missionaries celebrate the WORLD MISSION SUNDAY 2021 and tell us a little bit about their missionary work in the world.

Last Sunday, October 24, was World Mission Sunday, a day where the Church celebrates the work of all Catholic missionaries in the world: those that dedicate themselves to evangelization, particularly of those who are the poorest and in conditions of social exclusion.

Verbum Dei is a genuinely missionary Fraternity, dedicated to evangelization through prayer and preaching, founded in Spain and present in the five continents of the world.  We therefore celebrate this great missionary day with joy and gratitude to God and to so many people who make our work possible.

In this World Mission Sunday, as they do every year, the missionaries in formation at Loeches, as in many of our communities around the world, went to visit several parishes in Spain to give testimony of their missionary work and vocation, to tell people how the Lord called them to be (as the Gospel says) “salt and light of the world”, thus putting into practice this year’s theme: “We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20).

For example, “The San Sebastián Mártir de Velilla de San Antonio” parish (a town near Madrid), was visited by two missionaries, Enrique and Ronald, from Mexico and Cameroon, respectively. Ronald shared that “the Lord called me not only to do good or beautiful things, but to be with Him and be fully happy, and now, after 8 years as a missionary, I can say that I really feel loved, and I want many others to know this too, to feel fully loved by Him and therefore be happy.  That is why I am a missionary, because I want to tell you that God loves you”.

Enrique for his part related how at 18 he met God in such a close and familiar way that it seemed like he was dealing with a friend, “I never thought of being a missionary or aspiring to be a priest, but I understood that the greatest thing in life is not in doing what I want but what God wants from me, He is a young God and is not against young people, but loves them as a father loves his child. I want young people to see a Father in God, an understanding Father who, far from rebuking, instructs with love and mercy”.

Another parish that the Verbum Dei missionaries visited was “La Madre del Buen Pastor” in Madrid. Zuleyma, a Peruvian missionary went there, and spoke about her apostolic experience in Germany. For her, «God does not look at appearances, he sees the heart», and she comments that the great question which the Lord had prompted her to live the mission in the German country was «Zuleyma, would you not dare to know them so you can also love them?». She also mentioned that «not knowing the language was my best opportunity to contemplate and learn this valuable sensitivity of faith in those that participated in Verbum Dei and the young people in the university who are involved in the pastoral activities.» Something that left a mark on her, she says, was the «Constancy, faithfulness, critical awareness and sincere affection of the people for God.»

As Father Jaime Bonet, founder of Verbum Dei, said (https://www.verbumdei.es/quienes-somos/el-fundador-p-jaime-bonet), “evangelization is urgent” and therefore, the missionaries of this Fraternity continue with their evangelizing work in season and out of season, announcing the joy of the Gospel and celebrating each day, since they cannot stop talking about what they have seen and heard about God.

We invite you to get to know our community (https://crea.verbumdei.org/donativos/) and be part of our missionary work. If you would like to support us, you can do so at the following link (https://verbumdei.org/).


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