Two Verbum Dei Missionary brothers were ordained together in Australia

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Dan and Steve Drum are two Verbum Dei missionaries who recently finished their theological studies in our St Paul the Apostle Institute in Loeches. On May 29 they were ordained priests together in Sydney, Australia by the local Archbishop, Mons. Anthony Fisher, OP, in front of their relatives, friends and the parishioners of the parish in which they are assigned, Ryde-Gladesville. It was the first time in the history of the Archdiocese of Sydney that two brother were ordained priests on the same day.

The celebration was very emotional and joyful, especially in the midst of the pandemic and after being outside their home country for many years due to receiving their missionary formation in the Philippines and Spain. The missionary brothers expressed their gratitude to all those who have accompanied them throughout all these years and have contributed to their vocation. They especially thanked their parents, the first missionary sisters who introduced them to the Verbum Dei community and charism, and their present community.

Dan and Steve offer their service in different ways to the parish and city where they find themselves. Steve is quite dedicated to the youth. He has a group of kids from 9 to 12 years old and another with high schoolers as well as a third one with young adults that meet every week. He is also the chaplain at a secondary school for boys.

Dan is the leader of a program called the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), where adults are initiated into the Catholic Church. This year 8 new adults were baptised in their parish, among whom were two Muslims. Dan is also the chaplain at a secondary school for boys.

Together the brothers lead a School of the Word and a School of Apostles and organise monthly retreats in the parish with another Italian Verbum Dei priest.

Dan and Steve would like to thank all the donors and collaborators of CREA:

“Thank you so much for all the formation that we received in Loeches! All the theology and philosophy has helped us so much in our mission here in Australia. The Australian people of today ask for reasons to have faith and a spirituality founded in the Word of God. And thanks to our solid formation we can respond to their needs. Without you, without your prayers, your economic help and your company and friendship, this moment wouldn’t have been possible. Pray for us, for our faithfulness and joy in this mission, and for this ministry so important in the world of today.”


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