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On October 5th, I received from my beloved God the great inspiration to assimilate through my heart all the blessings received during these days that I have been in my beautiful Peru, a time filled with grace for my perpetual profession as a consecrated missionary in the Verbum Dei Fraternity.

Reaching this stage of my life makes me realize that for God nothing is impossible, and that a «yes» to Him is taken seriously until the end. My journey of faith has been a process forged in the family, school, university, society, environment, culture and mainly in the community.

The «yes» that I profess is out of love for God and for them, the sons and daughters of God that he has entrusted to my life and will continue to give me as a gift to accompany.

I am thankful for God’s faithfulness to each of our lives. I believe that the life of faith is not about avoiding anything adverse from happening, but on the contrary, in the adversity God shows his abundant grace and of course, also in the joys of life. That is why I encourage you to simply continue believing and trusting that living in and with God is the supreme treasure that every human being has a right and a duty. I entrust you to our Mother Mary, the woman of “let it be done”, who inspired and will continue to inspire my dedication.

Very united in prayer, in life and in our mission,


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